Seasonal Services

Lawn Maintenance

Why deal with multiple companies when one call can do it all, and at a better price? Red Dirt Landscaping wants to maintain your lawn so you can enjoy it!  We offer  fully customizable lawn maintenance program for your lawn, call us today for an instant quote over the phone and see why your neighbors rely on the quality and price that only Red Dirt can offer you!

Lawn Services:

Everyone loves a thick lush lawn, but a brown patchy lawn can really detract from the exterior of the home.  Whether overseeding or installing a new lawn, it takes a true professional to have the best results.  In most cases we can have a lawn looking great in under a month with seed or an afternoon with sod!

Lawn Leveling & Restoration

Lawns can be damaged over time by insects, animals, erosion and other environmental factors.  When this happens it becomes necessary to regrade or replace the lawn to encourage future growth, health, and prevent drainage issues.  Red Dirt Landscaping can expertly regrade your lawn to provide the maximum usable area while preventing any drainage problems.  There is no job too big or too small for us to handle.

We also provide lot clearing and leveling as well as bar ditch and tinhorn grading.  Hourly rates as low as $60.00 per hour for standard grading.