Red Dirt Landscaping has the absolute best warranty in Oklahoma City on our drainage systems. We have a true lifetime warranty that is completely transferrable to a new owner if you sell the property.  We do everything to make sure that we are your final call for any drainage needs.

We offer drainage solutions for everything from a low spot in the lawn that won’t dry out to entire neighborhood drainage systems.  Every situation is unique and is treated as such, therefore we strive to view each project in order to give an exact quote on each project.

French Drains

A French Drain is an underground system designed to take problematic waters away from the home, lawn, driveway, play areas and other structures.  A French Drain consists of a perforated pipe, covered with a nylon sock, placed in an underground channel with gravel.  Installing a French Drain can save from costly foundation repairs later, and is a cost effective alternative.

Surface Drains

Surface Drains differ from French Drains in that ground level drains are installed to collect standing surface waters that can take days or even weeks to naturally drain.  Surface drains utilize a solid pipe buried underground, however there are no perforations in the pipe or gravel placed in the trench.  Below is a diagram of what a traditional service drain looks like, and areas that are most commonly drained.

Decorative Drains

There are times that traditional drainage is not an option, either due to difficulty channeling the water, or underground obstacles.  We have developed above ground drainage solutions to meet this demand.  By creating a dry river bed, the surrounding landscape is enhanced, and when rain does come it is channeled quickly and safely away, keeping the yard dry and preventing erosion.  Below is a sample of the decorative drainage solutions we provide.

Sump Pump Systems

In cases where traditional drainage is not an option, we offer sump pump systems.  For light to medium drainage issues we install fully automatic sump pumps that activate to remove the water before it becomes a problem.  For more complicated drainage issues we offer duplex systems which consist of 2 pumps being alternated by a computerized control panel to extend pump life and handle large volumes of water.

Drainage Emitters

The collection and removal of water from problematic areas is the first step to solving drainage issues.  Disposing of the water is just as important as collecting the water, and the location of the disposal is critical.  Curb cuts are the preferred method of draining, but emitter valves are also available where a curb cut is not possible.  Dry wells are a third option for those wanting to recover some of the excess water for use at a later date.

Commercial Drainage Solutions

We design and install complete commercial drainage systems for parking lots, multifamily housing and neighborhoods.  This often times consists of underground drainage systems as well as high volume concrete spillways. We design all systems to be compliant with local drainage codes and with safety being the first and foremost goal.